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Coloring 047

Drawing and coloring on a tablet require me to let go my usual ways of thinking and making. The feel is so different from coloring with pencils or markers. I feel … Continue reading

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Coloring 037

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Coloring 032

We’ve done quite a bit of experimentation with today’s coloring. Are you trying some new things? Please share them with us and we will share them with everyone! Just out … Continue reading

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Coloring 025

Coloring on printer paper can be a bit unsatisfying so we are experimenting with some ways to transfer images to different papers. Here are the results of a few of … Continue reading

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Line Drawing 026

Here are some experimental drawings on black paper for you to color. You are welcome to choose either the black or the white version. Aside from just having fun, coloring … Continue reading

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Coloring 021

Because sometimes printer paper just won’t do!

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Coloring 009

This site is all about the joy of playing with color and making new discoveries about the way we see and the way we make. As an artist, playing is … Continue reading

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