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taking back the joy of coloring

Coloring 036

Today I have works from three new artists to share. There was another color-in on Sunday; this time we were at Oak Street Drafthouse (a great place to have a … Continue reading

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Eye Candy 7

The minute I started watching this video, I knew I had to share it with you. Wow. Be sure to check out more of Jason Mitcham’s work on vimeo and … Continue reading

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Eye Candy 3

You know what time it is. Mmmm. Cartoons! This moving little animation from OneMoreProduction is perfect for this site. The use of color to represent joy is a big part … Continue reading

May 19, 2012 · 2 Comments

Coloring 023

Today we have a contribution from DrawnIn newcomer Allie Brasher. Yay! The more contributions, the better this gets. Be sure to submit your coloring, too. Now, this next one was … Continue reading

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Eye Candy 2

Saturday morning cartoon time. This film is by Jake Fried; it incorporates luscious textures, extraordinary linework, and an evocative use of color. Enjoy! Nightfall from Jake Fried on Vimeo. You … Continue reading

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Coloring 022

We have another guest contribution today from E.A. Darbon. Hooray for guest contributors! The various ways a single drawing can be interpreted is so fascinating. How would you interpret this … Continue reading

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Coloring 020

We had a fun Sunday night color-in at Dan’s Silverleaf, our favorite Denton music spot. Hares on the Mountain rocked the back patio and we colored until the sun set. … Continue reading

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Eye Candy

I found this video by artist Jo Peel last night. I had to watch it twice. Drawing and color and a mesmerizing story of progress and decay. Things Change – … Continue reading

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Coloring 014

One drawing, four wildly different interpretations. All from our color-in at the Hares on the Mountain show. If you haven’t heard the Hares yet, go check them out on their … Continue reading

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Coloring 013

My favorite things about working on this project are: Coloring clearly makes people happy. The very myriad ways people interpret the same drawing.  

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