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How do I download a drawing to color?

Simply go to the page of the drawing you wish to color and click on the image. That will pop out a window with the full size image. Print  that and then color it. You can also right-click on the image and do a “save as”. Then, take the image into your favorite image editing program and manipulate it or color it there.

How do I submit a colored drawing?

You can submit a colored drawing by filling out this form and then emailing the jpeg to coloring@drawn-in.net.

How many versions of a colored drawing can I submit?

As many as you like. I might not have room to publish them all but color away and I’ll publish as many as I possibly can.

What size should I make my colored drawing?

You can make your drawing any size you like. When you submit it, please make the image no larger than 6 inches by 6 inches at 300 dpi (1800 pixels by 1800 pixels). Also, make sure it is no larger than 5 MB so that my email doesn’t crash.

I colored my drawing on paper. How can I email it to you?

There are a few ways to get your drawing from paper to computer. Personally, I like to scan my drawings and straighten them out with photo editing software.

But, I don’t have a scanner!

That’s okay. Just take a picture with your digital camera or your phone. Be sure you have even, indirect light and make sure the colors look correct. If you need me to correct a little distortion from the lens, just make a note in your email. I can do that, no problem. Color correction, however, I can’t really do for a whole host of really good reasons. Be sure you are happy with the colors you’ve got.

Are you going to change my image after I submit it?

The only alteration I will make to an image is to re-size it (so that all the colorings on the page are the same width) or straighten it (if it is scanned/photographed a little crooked). I won’t change the orientation, though. So, if your colored version of the line drawing looks better upside down, or reversed, or sideways, then submit it that way and that’s how I’ll show it.

Can I use the line drawings elsewhere on the internet or sell prints of the line drawings or my colorings?

Not without permission. The line drawings are for personal use and sharing on this site only. If you are thinking of using one of the line drawings elsewhere, please contact me beforehand. If you are going to use one of your colored versions elsewhere, again, please ask; I am sure we can come to a reasonable and fair arrangement. Some of this gets into hazy legal stuff about image rights and originality but, generally speaking, all images are the property of Anne Jones and DrawnInArt.com.

Why do I have to fill out a form?

I want to give you credit on the site and I need your permission to publish your work on the site. I am happy to provide links to your website with your submission; maybe someone will find your coloring so interesting, they will click on the link, fall in love with your work, and commission a piece from you. And, it will help me to maintain documentation of who made which drawing so that, when I finally get a chance to make a gallery show out of this nonsense, I can contact you and invite you to submit your work.

Why do I have to list my profession?

Because I am curious. I like seeing how people from different artistic backgrounds use color, or don’t. I would like to eventually sort my list of contributors by profession, just for fun. Or maybe count an average number of colors used by people in various professions. I have a whole host of reasons that basically boil down to my first answer: because I am curious. You don’t have to tell if you don’t want.

What if I don’t want my name published or my website linked?

That’s just fine. You have the option to have your drawing published anonymously. Please, at least, fill in the required blanks so that I can keep track of drawings and prevent any copyright infringement shenanigans. I won’t publish a drawing without an accompanying form. If you prefer to contribute anonymously, I will respect your wishes.

Why do I have to provide my email address?

So that I can match it to any incoming emails with attachments and properly match your drawing to your information. If you haven’t filled out a form, I won’t open the email you send me. I don’t think it takes a giant leap of imagination to figure out why.

Are you going to sell or share my email address?

No. Never. I believe in the “Golden Rule” of internet behavior. I wouldn’t want you to do that to me so, I won’t do it to you. I will protect that information carefully.

And, there are only a few instances in which you might receive an email from @drawn-in.net. Those are: I like your work and I am inviting you to contribute a line drawing for others to color. Or, I am requesting permission to publish your drawing outside the DrawnIn blog or website. Or, maybe just to tell you thanks and express my admiration for what you do.

What if I am not in an Art Profession?

That’s okay. I am planning on publishing the work of non-professionals occasionally. Feel free to contribute.

If you are an art school survivor trapped in an office/service job, I am working on coming up with a title for your section (suggestions welcome). Also, I feel your pain. I, too, must engage in other businesses to make ends meet. You’re still an artist.

What’s the point?

This project, for me, is all about having fun and playing. I got hung up in producing to pay the bills and I wasn’t enjoying my work. To save my sanity, I started making these little drawings and coloring them. It made me really happy because I didn’t worry about selling them or even making the drawings particularly good. It was all about the joy of coloring, like when I was a kid. Because I took this little coloring detour, I started enjoying my actual work again.

I was talking to some of my other artist friends and I realized that they were feeling burned out and frustrated, too. I am afraid that we are all forgetting how to have fun making things. I want to share the unbridled joy that the simple act of coloring brought me. I hope you join this project, if only for a day, and rediscover the magic of making that lead you to become an artist in the first place.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Just leave your question in the comments section and I will answer it as soon as I can.

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  1. The Wandering Youth
    June 6, 2012

    I nominated you for some awards! Check it out here! 🙂

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