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Coloring 047

Drawing and coloring on a tablet require me to let go my usualĀ ways of thinking and making. The feel is so different from coloring with pencils or markers. I feel … Continue reading

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Coloring 043

I am always in search of new ways to sketch and color. Generally I tote around a large bag full of pencils, crayons, watercolors, sketchbooks, and a variety of drawing … Continue reading

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Coloring 030

And we’re back with a lovely coloring from the fabulous Kat! I love the bright warm colors with just a touch of cool blue!

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Coloring 021

Such intense color and texture! Staring at this piece kind of gives me vertigo. How would you color it?

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Coloring 041

This pair of drawings is a fantastic study in contrasting approaches. One uses minimal color and leaves vast amounts of white space. The other covers the drawing and beyond in … Continue reading

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Coloring 040

This drawing seems to have led to the application of complimentary colors. Hmmm. I wonder why. Thoughts?  

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Coloring 020

Well, I looked at that drawing and I saw cherries on strings. Clearly, there are tons of different ways to see it; I am loving all of the unique variations. … Continue reading

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