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Coloring 043

I am always in search of new ways to sketch and color. Generally I tote around a large bag full of pencils, crayons, watercolors, sketchbooks, and a variety of drawing accessories. In an effort to join the 21st century, I am experimenting with sketching and coloring using my tablet. This series of colorings was done using the Sketchbook Express app from AutoDesk. I enjoy using this app because of the variety of drawing tools and it has layers like Photoshop. It is free and there aren’t annoying ads.

Using the app for drawing and coloring is quite straightforward. File management and navigation are a bit of a challenge but, as I basically use my tablet as a portable radio, that will probably be a non-issue for you Android people. Thus far, I have not figured out how to control the size of the canvas. Surely someone out there has asked that question before; I will be searching for that answer tonight when I ought to be sleeping. So glad I can easily take my computer to bed with me.

I have a pretty good handle on the fill tool but I feel like there is more to learn. If you have any tips for using this app or can suggest other coloring/drawing apps, I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

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