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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Coloring 021

Such intense color and texture! Staring at this piece kind of gives me vertigo. How would you color it?

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Line Drawing 046

I have been staring at the screen and trying to come up with something interesting or clever to say. The radio is playing in the other room and they are … Continue reading

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Coloring 041

This pair of drawings is a fantastic study in contrasting approaches. One uses minimal color and leaves vast amounts of white space. The other covers the drawing and beyond in … Continue reading

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Line Drawing 045

The bugs are rattling and the world outside is bleached by our relentless Texas sun. It’s summer and I am sheltering indoors, contemplating a palette of blues to cool my … Continue reading

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Coloring 040

This drawing seems to have led to the application of complimentary colors. Hmmm. I wonder why. Thoughts?  

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Line Drawing 044

Have you been coloring? I haven’t and I am feeling a little grey. I have done a few random sketches, though. I will be happy when I get my studio … Continue reading

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Eye Candy 10

Today I share with you an animation about chasing your dreams. The colors and textures are so luscious. I hope you enjoy it. This film is by conceptual artist Alexis … Continue reading

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Coloring 020

Well, I looked at that drawing and I saw cherries on strings. Clearly, there are tons of different ways to see it; I am loving all of the unique variations. … Continue reading

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Coloring 039

More colorings from a color-in at Oak Street Drafthouse (the best backyard in Denton). I really can’t decide which one I like best. They are each fascinating in their own … Continue reading

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Coloring 022

An explosion of color from the lovely Kat Lukens. Be sure to check out the other versions of this drawing at the Category Link 022 here or in the Information … Continue reading

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