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taking back the joy of coloring

How To Host a Color-In

Friends + Coloring = Fun

Coloring with friends can be magical. You never know what will happen (origami, for instance) and the joy you are sharing is contagious. Soon, perfect strangers are joining in the fun.

Hosting your own color-in is easy, cheap, and can be done with things you probably have around the house.


Artist: Joe Carr
Media: oil crayon an paper

  • drawings
  • colors
  • friends (or strangers)
  • location
  • camera (optional)
  • scanner (optional)


  1. Pick your favorite black and white line drawings and print out several copies of each one. You are welcome to use the line drawings on this site or create your own. I like to have at least four copies of each drawing; then, there will be four different colored versions and you can compare them (and psychoanalyze your friends). Tip: keep the prints fairly small (I find about 4 inches on the longest side to be good). That way everyone can finish coloring them in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. Gather up some pencils, crayons, or other coloring media (don’t forget your sharpener) and put them in crayon boxes or jars. Gather materials you don’t mind sharing!
  3. Pick your location. Tables and seating are pretty essential. I’ve hosted at bars, coffee shops, backyards with picnic tables. We have so many great hang-out places here in Denton and owners seem to tolerate our antics as long as we are respectful and buy something. Always be sure to support your local business by buying a beverage/snack and tipping your server when having a color-in!
  4. Tell your friends when and where. Ambushing friends during regular hang-out times is also an option. Never underestimate the joy of spontaneous coloring.

On the Big Day

Colors and drawings spread out on the table for easy sharing.

  1. Gather with your friends at the appointed time and place.
  2. Spread the drawings on a table.
  3. Spread the coloring media on the table.
  4. Get a snack/beverage.
  5. Color and have fun.
  6. Be ready to share with total strangers; trust me, they will ask.
  7. Take pictures of your friends having fun at the color-in (optional).
  8. Gather all the finished colorings and make sure everyone puts their name on them.

After the Color-In (entirely optional)

  1. Scan/ take a picture of all of the colorings.
  2. Create an album or page and put all of the images together. Share them with your friends.
  3. Send all of that awesomeness to me and I will post it here on this blog, if you like, plus links to your webpages or blogs.

Rinse and repeat, as needed, to maintain a feeling of fellowship and joy amongst your friends old and new.

Coloring at the Hares on the Mountain show.

As you may have gathered, hosting a color-in is a really easy way to bring a little joy into your and your friends’ lives. People have started asking if I am bringing my gear whenever we are making plans to hang out. And that brings me to the whole point of this exercise: bringing back the joy of coloring. I hope you will give it a try!

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